Solitaire Card Games


SolitaireCG is a adaptation of Ken Magic's "Solitaire".

Source Code

The source code for SolitaireCG is managed under the git version control system.

See SolitaireCG git repository.

Building SolitaireCG

The steps to build a SolitaireCG-debug.apk file are:

  1. Set up a development environment for creating applications for Android™.

    This involves installing the Android SDK, Java Development Kit, ant, and git, in addition to other steps necessary to configure a development environment.

  2. Clone the SolitaireCG git repository.
        $ git clone git:// solitairecg-code
  3. Change into the newly created SolitaireCG project directory.
        $ cd solitairecg-code
  4. Build a debug apk file.
        $ ant debug

    NOTE:   Was bin/SolitaireCG-debug.apk file created?

    If yes, then you can stop at this step.

    Otherwise try the following additional steps.

  5. List the valid target_IDs.
        $ android list targets
  6. Select a target_ID and update the existing project files.
        $ rm build.xml
        $ android update project --target 1 --path .
  7. Build a debug apk file.
        $ ant debug
    If all works correctly, this should build a bin/SolitaireCG-debug.apk file.


Language tranlations of SolitaireCG are appreciated and make it easier for more people to enjoy playing the game.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download a recent copy of res/values/strings.xml.
  2. Replace the English text between the <string> tags with your translation.
  3. Either login to and create a SolitaireCG Ticket,
    Or email the translated strings.xml file to mailto: Curtis Gedak.

We like to provide credit for translation work, so please let us know if what name and email address you would like published.

For an example of language translation, see Ticket #6 - Add Finnish (fi) localization.

It is a good idea to test your translations. For example check the Select Game menu to ensure that the game names fit within the displayed menu.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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